Environmental Portraits – Harmony Vision Care

Environmental portraits. They’re always much more interesting than a headshot in front of a white background. Taking portraits in a person’s home or workplace helps to tell their story, or the story of their business. Generally, environmental, or location portraits provide more context than a traditional studio portrait, and help subjects be more relaxed in familiar, less ‘formal’ surroundings. 

Recently, I was engaged to shoot some promotional images for Harmony Vision Care, an optometry clinic on the Gold Coast, who specialise in vision health for children. With that in mind, we created a series of portraits of the staff interacting with a patient, using some of the tools they use every day in the clinic.

CEDA Lunchtime Events

As well as travelling around the place and getting up early in the morning to cover events for Supersport Images, I’ve also recently photographed a couple of events in Brisbane for CEDA – the Committee For Economic Development of Australia. First was an event on investment and competitiveness in the agribusiness sector, and the second was all about Queensland’s future energy policy.

As is my preference for these type of events, my focus is always on capturing candid moments and connections between attendees, rather interrupting conversations for awkward, posed ‘social’ shots.