Around London

Back in May, I had the opportunity to travel to the UK work. Not a lot of time for myself, but I did manage to spend a weekend in  London.  When I’m travelling, I prefer to capture the everyday. Of  course, I did the tourist thing and shot the Tower Bridge, the London  Eye and Hyde Park, but there’s nothing like finding those quiet moments  in the life of the city.

Nelson’s Artist

This young  artist perched himself high up on the plinth of Nelson’s Column in  Trafalgar Square. Below him, tourists were climbing all over the  structure, taking photos in front of the lions, but this guy had found  his spot and was happy in his own little world.

Brick Lane

The Sunday  markets in Brick Lane are known for the wide range of weird and  wonderful merchandise. And weird and wonderful people. This lady had  taken some time out to watch a performance by The Sonic Manipulator. Weird. Wonderful.

Locked and Loaded

Brick Lane has lots of stalls selling bikes, bike parts and bike  repairs. They range from one guy I saw who walked up, laid a couple of  wheels on the ground and waited for a buyer, to more established ‘mobile  bike shops’.


The London Underground. Home to some of the longest, steepest escalators I’ve ever come across.

Aldgate East

And finally, Aldgate East Tube Station.