Noosa National Park

The internal alarm clock went off and woke me just before the 4am alarm on my iPad, and I was up and away. Walking a couple of kilometres through the Noosa National Park in the dark towards Granite Bay. This place really shines at high tide, with the smaller boulders creating a colourful polished look […]

How I Made That – Sunday Serenity

Here’s another in a very occasional series describing the process I used to create a photograph. Today, we’ll look at the first shot in yesterday’s Sunday Serenity post. The photo was taken at around 5:00pm, about 15 minutes before the sun set behind my left shoulder. It was a 17sec exposure, using a Lee Big […]

Sunday Serenity

I took a trip out to Wellington Point this afternoon, with a plan to shoot a particular tree. A single mangrove, which was once so popular among the Brisbane photography community that it had its own group on flickr.  Of course it wasn’t until I got there, at the end of a 45 minute drive, that […]

May Desktop Wallpaper

Click on the preview image below to download a hi-res version of this month’s desktop image. This month’s desktop photo was taken with my new Fuji X-T1, which I’ve been really enjoying using these last few weeks. I promise not to become one of those fanboys who go on an on about their switch to […]

Hokkaido Day 7

More exploring along the coast south of Wakkanai today. View fullsize The coastal roads here remind me of any other, except where they would usually be surrounded by yellow sand, the dunes here are a crisp white, with at times deceptively deep snow. The following photograph was taken on a beach, which was accessed by crossing […]

Newcastle Dawn

I couldn’t spend a few days in Newcastle without an early morning trip to the beach. Once upon a time, that would be to go surfing. Not now. View fullsize Cowrie Hole Pump House View fullsize Canoe Pool Chains