Day 5

So, as it turns out, there is signal at Copi Hollow, a spot in the Menindee Lakes where I’m spending at least one night.
As mentioned, I took a couple of shots in Silverton this morning.

The last of the vee-dub interceptors? For some reason, this car is now parked out the front of the Silverton Hotel, rather than the usual replica of the Mad Max V8 Interceptor. But what’s that in the background?

Here it is, looking a little worse for wear. The replica of the Pursuit Special from the Mad Max movies.

Enough with the tourist snaps. Today was a bit of a lazy one. 140ish kilometres, and I barely got the camera out. Around 7:30 tonight though, I headed off to Lake Wetherell for some post-sunset shots.

I’ve always liked these minimalist, long-exposure shots of reeds. About time I shot one myself.

And finally, this is one of the shots I wanted to get on this trip. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I shot a panorama here as well, but it needs more work than I’m prepared to do in the back of this campervan. I might post it at a later date.