Day 7

A tale of woe before the photos.
My trip’s been cut short. My campervan had a malfunction today so I decided I should skip the trip to Lake Mungo. The van has a pop-top roof, which, when popped, is  the sleeping area. When collapsing the roof this morning, one of its brackets snapped and the roof wouldn’t come down properly. I managed to muscle it into place and secure it with the clips, but it wasn’t looking particularly sturdy. Along the rough dirt roads between Menindee and Pooncarie, one of the clips’ rivets snapped, and another clip became very loose, meaning the roof was only half-secured. As much as I wanted to visit Lake Mungo, I figured it wasn’t worth the risk of more corrugated dirt roads turning the Landcruiser into a convertible. So, I stayed on the blacktop to Mildura, did some basic repairs and decided to head towards Adelaide. I’m spending tonight in Waikerie, a little grape and citrus growing town on the Murray River. I’ll be in Adelaide tomorrow – two days earlier than planned, but in time to meet Kylie at the airport when she arrives. Silver lining and all that.

This evening, I spent some time wandering around the vineyard next to the motel. Here are some photos.