Hokkaido Day 3

Day 3 of the trip and I’m starting to get into a good frame of mind. This environment is totally foreign to me, so it’s taking some getting used to. As we left the hotel this morning, the temperature was -11 degrees C, the coldest I’ve ever experienced. Until mid-day when we arrived in the mountains and the thermometer was reading -14. 

But as I get more comfortable with the landscape, with the other people, with the routine, I feel like I’m starting to see things better. 

The day started with a third visit to the same location, where I took the opportunity to wander a bit further, but also to try some different compositions and different lenses.

As I made my way back up the hill to the bus, I noticed three of the other photographers heading out across the field. I couldn’t not take this shot. 

The next location was the ski fields around the base of Asahi-dake, Hokkaido’s tallest mountain. Scope for wandering was a little restricted due to the very deep and soft snow, so I concentrated on a small stream not far from the base of the slopes.

And finally, we stopped by the highway and waded through thigh-deep snow, at a grove of trees.