Social Media Portrait Project – The First Two Weeks

A couple of days before Christmas, I put out a call to my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers – come to my house, where I’ve set up a little studio, and I’ll take your photo.

I’ve had quite a response, with eight sessions so far in the first two weeks. Participants have included people I’ve met several times, one of whom has housesat for us twice, followers’ spouses and children, another photographer, and two people who I have interacted with for many years but only met as a result the project.

A lot of the portraits have been quite straight “headshot” style photographs, although as I get more comfortable working within the constraints of the room I’ve set up, directing people, and how my lights behave in the room (and how children behave in the room!), I’ve been able to get a little more creative. I still have today’s two sessions to work on, but here are some of the portraits so far.

There are still a couple of weeks left to run on the project, so if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, head on over to the blog post and sign up.