Social Media Portrait Project

Portraits, headshots, profile photos. Whatever you want to call them, I want to take more of them. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or are friends with me on Facebook, I want to take yours.

So, between now and January 26, 2016, I’m going to have a small studio set up at home in Brisbane’s inner-ish southwestern suburbs (5 minutes walk from the nearest train station). Come and visit me! Meet my dogs! Have your photo taken! For free!

I’ll provide you with both high and low resolution copies of at least one photograph, for you to use as you please. I may use the photographs on my website, and any Heath Carney Photography marketing materials, but will never sell them or use them in any other way without your permission.

To arrange a time, either complete the form below, or send me a message through your social media network of choice.