Gardens, Temples and Rain

A few photos from the last few days in Kyoto and a trip to Shirakawa-go. I found both places really frustrating to photograph. Kyoto was crazy busy, so getting photos free of people was really tough. In Shirakawa-go, apart from the difficulty of shooting a historical village without cars or tourists in the background, the weather was terrible. 

For the final day in Tokyo before we fly out tomorrow, I think I’ll visit some photography exhibitions and leave the camera in the bag for a day.

The belfry in the gardens of Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavillion, in Kyoto

The Golden Pavillion

Autumn leaves outside the walls of Daisen-in. Yes, they really were that red.

gassho style house in Shirakawa-go

The mountains around Shirakawa-go. Covered in fog, with weather alternating between rain, sleet and snow.