I Got Next!

“I mostly just want to spend some time hanging out in the neighbourhood” is what I told people as I was planning my third visit to New York. The thing is, Kylie and I aren’t really the types to spend hours sitting in cafes or bars, so I wasn’t sure what I meant by this […]

The Living Heart

I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to regularly travel to Central Australia, but unfortunately, I rarely get the chance to make any photographs while I’m there. On my latest trip, I made sure I set aside some time to get the camera out. These first two photographs are from atop the Krichauff Range, with […]

Otway Breathing

I’ve driven the Great Ocean Road in Victoria quite a few times. Each time, I’ve noticed the rainforest of the Otways and thought “I should go in there one day”. I had a couple of weeks free in early June, so “one day” finally arrived. The weather wasn’t ideal, but I managed to visit Hopetoun […]

Kangaroo Island Wildlife

As much wildlife as we saw on KI, I didn’t really photograph a lot of it. Click to open the gallery below, which includes: Australian Sea Lions Sooty Oystercatcher New Zealand Fur Seal Tammar Wallaby But we also spotted: Kangaroo Island Kangaroos Echidnas Cape Barren Geese Koalas Lots of birds, including Crimson Rosella, Yellow-Tailed Black […]

Japan Again

My third trip to Japan in May wasn’t really a photography trip, but I did manage to spend some time making photographs of some people.


In 1908, a labourer shovelling sand off the railway tracks from Luderitz discovered some interesting looking stones in the sand. Turns out they were diamonds, and pretty soon mining claims were established, and the town of Kolmanskop was born. By 1912, the area was producing over 10 per cent of the world’s total diamonds, and […]

All The Himba Ladies

After a few days in the dunes, we travelled to Sesfontein for a couple of days visiting and photographing in two Himba villages in the area. Himba are pastoralists with the men primarily taking care of the livestock while the women remain behind and undertake the bulk of the work in their small villages, including […]