The Living Heart

I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to regularly travel to Central Australia, but unfortunately, I rarely get the chance to make any photographs while I’m there.

On my latest trip, I made sure I set aside some time to get the camera out. These first two photographs are from atop the Krichauff Range, with the Finke Gorge down below, on a rare cloudy day. Very few people have the opportunity to visit this beautiful location.

I also managed to find an afternoon with no demands on my time other than a drive back to Alice Springs, so I took a detour from my usual route.

Tnorala (Gosse Bluff) is a site of great cultural significance to the Western Arrernte people, and the crater resulting from a 600m wide comet hitting the earth around 142 million years ago. This photograph was taken from Tylers Pass, around 15km away.

And Glen Helen is a gorge and waterhole on the Finke River.