Otway Breathing

I’ve driven the Great Ocean Road in Victoria quite a few times. Each time, I’ve noticed the rainforest of the Otways and thought “I should go in there one day”. I had a couple of weeks free in early June, so “one day” finally arrived. The weather wasn’t ideal, but I managed to visit Hopetoun […]

Limestone Coast

When picking up the hire car in Adelaide, the lady said not to go the coast road because “there’s nothing there”. I’m glad I ignored her. View fullsize This is Doorway Rock, off the coast of Robe. View fullsize Also in Robe, this is The Obelisk. Erected on Cape Dombey in 1852, it was used […]

Barossa Valley

A cold, rainy day (and my aversion to wine)  meant not much vineyard visiting during today’s drive in the Barossa Valley. We did visit Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop, which has all kinds of produce, from quince paste and olive oil to dukkah and ice-cream. View fullsize Rather than a traditional ‘restaurant’ menu, Maggie Beer offers […]

Day 7

A tale of woe before the photos. My trip’s been cut short. My campervan had a malfunction today so I decided I should skip the trip to Lake Mungo. The van has a pop-top roof, which, when popped, is  the sleeping area. When collapsing the roof this morning, one of its brackets snapped and the […]

Day 6

For the first time this trip, I’m spending a second night in the same place. I spent most of the morning exploring Kinchega National Park, and when 2:00pm came and I realised I hadn’t eaten all day, I figured the 3-ish hour drive to Lake Mungo probably wouldn’t be a good idea. So, I’m back […]

Day 5

So, as it turns out, there is signal at Copi Hollow, a spot in the Menindee Lakes where I’m spending at least one night. As mentioned, I took a couple of shots in Silverton this morning. View fullsize The last of the vee-dub interceptors? For some reason, this car is now parked out the front […]

Day 4

View fullsize I’m sitting in McDonald’s at Broken Hill. Been here for over an hour processing photos from Day 4, so not many words today. Plenty of photos though. Another day, another long, flat road. This is the White Cliffs to Wilcannia Rd at around 6:30 in the morning. View fullsize I spent most of […]

Day 3

View fullsize Not much to say today. Can sum up with a few words – red dust, water, pelicans and really expensive fuel – $1.89/litre for diesel. I was going to say these things are everywhere, but thinking about it, I haven’t actually seen that many yet. View fullsize These things definitely aren’t everywhere, but […]