Day 6

For the first time this trip, I’m spending a second night in the same place.
I spent most of the morning exploring Kinchega National Park, and when 2:00pm came and I realised I hadn’t eaten all day, I figured the 3-ish hour drive to Lake Mungo probably wouldn’t be a good idea. So, I’m back at Copi Hollow, and you get another daily update.

I was intending to make this black & white, and may still someday, but the colour of that sand was just too good to ignore.

More dead trees. This time in Menindee Lake.

You don’t know how much I wanted to grab this snake by the tail and pull it back out of the bushes for a shot.

Another tree. What more to say?

And the first kangaroo of the trip. Well, I’ve seen plenty (mostly carcasses), but this is the first one I’ve been able to shoot.

Speaking of carcasses. I stumbled across this kangaroo spine and pelvis. Creepy.

Tomorrow, I’m definitely off the grid. Probably back on Thursday.