Hokkaido Day 6

We’re now in Japan’s most northern city of Wakkanai, where we will spend the next couple of days exploring the coast before making our way across the north of the island and down the east coast.

On the drive today, we stopped suddenly on the highway when someone noticed a fox and a couple of Stellar’s Sea Eagles feeding on a deer carcass in the snow. I was reminded of this post by David duChemin, who is travelling with us, when my attempt at a photograph of the fox failed because I still had the shutter on a 2-second timer from a previous landscape location. I hit the button and the beeps started. By the time the shutter released the shot was missed. But, I recovered in time to get this shot of one of the eagles coming in to take advantage of the newly vacated buffet.

And now, for a few more in what is in danger of becoming my “Twigs of Hokkaido” series.