Hokkaido Day 7

More exploring along the coast south of Wakkanai today.

The coastal roads here remind me of any other, except where they would usually be surrounded by yellow sand, the dunes here are a crisp white, with at times deceptively deep snow. The following photograph was taken on a beach, which was accessed by crossing dunes covered in snow ranging from ankle to waist deep. And you don’t know until you step. My thighs and calves are getting quite the workout.

The snow extends right out to the beach, with just a strip of dark, coffee coloured sand between the snow of the dunes and the whitewater of the breaking waves.

Tomorrow we head off again, around the northern tip of Hokkaido before we hit the east coast bound for the town of Ohmu. I’ve been told the east coast should be ‘much more bleak’ than the west. I’m not entirely sure what to make of that.